Are you frustrated by the look of the wilted flowers on the table every week? Choose where silk flowers are virtually real, except that they never die.

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Calla Lily Magnetic Board
Our Price: $65.00
Four Alliums
Our Price: $125.00
Three Colored Tulips
Our Price: $135.00
Allium Tray Set
Our Price: $99.00
Orchid in Bloom
Our Price: $99.00

High quality and design

At Petals by Pia, silk flower arrangements are designed using the finest high quality silk flowers on the market. Each stem is handpicked by our experts to ensure premier quality, texture, color, and design. We pride ourselves in providing unique silk flower arrangements beyond your expectations with reasonable prices. You can choose from our large variety of flowers, including: orchids, magnolias, hydrangea, tulips, calla lilies, and several more.

No maintenance necessary

We grant you the ability to invite the outdoor beauty into your homes without the expense and responsibility of maintenance. When purchasing silk flower arrangements you are no longer limited to seasonal flowers. With our large variety of floral arrangements you can even have your tulips and roses all winter long. Even more so, with our arrangements you can finally enjoy the beauty of nature without worrying about seasonal allergies and its consequences.

Gifts that last

Why bother sending a gift that will die within a week? By choosing you can truly say it with flowers and give a gift that will last forever. Our silk flowers can survive without nourishment in any temperature and lighting. Some of our silk flower arrangements are already designed with high quality acrylic water to give it a real touch thereby evading the daily task of changing the water. With our silk floral arrangements you are bound to save loads of money. This purchase will outlive your fresh flowers by decades.

Take a moment to browse through our collection and see why thousands have opted to purchase our arrangements to generate a more inviting and peaceful environment.…flowers that are forever.